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Incorporating with an Accountant

Incorporate With Accountant Expertise for SuccessProfessional Accountant Incorporation Services

Entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout greater Vancouver benefit from incorporating services provided by highly qualified and experienced professional accountants at Cahill CPA. This respected accounting firm is family owned and committed to developing an exceptional practice that will form lasting, trusted professional relationships with all clients. Our experienced, professional accounting team includes accountants with varied training, skills and certifications, such as Chartered Accountants (CA), Certified General Accountants (CGA), Certified Management Accountants (CMA) and Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA). During 2014, the three independent accounting professions in Canada of CMA, CGA and CA were united into the single business and accounting profession of Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).

The most important benefit of incorporating with an accountant is that your business accounting expert is familiar with all aspects of starting a corporation and will handle all related issues for you. Your expert CPA will also give you professional advice concerning operating your S-corp or C-corp and advise you concerning tax matters. He or she will prepare your taxes and ensure that all aspects of your corporate tax returns are completed accurately and fully to avoid any tax problems after filing.

Accountant Incorporation With Cahill CPA Experts for an Ideal Business StartHiring an Accountant: Incorporating With Cahill CPA

Your experienced accountant will explain that in order to start a corporation, articles of incorporation must be completed and properly filed. It is also important to note what type of corporation you want to form, as to be the most advantageous to you tax-wise. Our experienced accountants can guide you in the incoporation process, and give you the most up to date information regarding the various types of corporations in Canada & what will be best for you. 

Another primary benefit of incorporating your business is limiting your liability to your corporation's assets only. In almost all instances, the shareholders of a corporation are not held liable for the debs or other obligations of the business. This protects your personal property and other assets in case your corporation should default on a loan or experience other financial problems. Corporations also often provide numerous tax advantages to owners that are not provided to owners of other types of business entities.

Choose Cahill CPA for a Top-Rated Accountant for IncorporatingAdditional Advantages of Incorporating With an Accountant

More advantages of choosing an expert accountant for incorporating your business include the following:

  • The life of a corporation is not dependent on its owners or members and will continue after the owner's death or the sale of the corporation.
  • Ownership of a corporation is easy to transfer to another person or persons.
  • A corporation has centralized management and its capital can be easily raised through stock sales.
  • Retirement funds and plans are more easy to establish with a corporation than with some other types of business.
  • A corporation has its own business number (BN) which identifies it as a corporate entity owned by a person or persons.

The diverse and well-experienced Cahill accounting group offers comprehensive incorporation services to business entities of all types and sizes in all areas of industry today. These accountant incorporating services will address all structures of a corporation, including the legal, ownership and operational structures to ensure that business incorporation in right for you. All areas and aspects of your business will be carefully examined and assessed by our accounting team to identify issues and determine what is the best business type for your needs. Our CPA team will offer detailed advice concerning all areas of running a corporation to ensure the best ultimate success for your business.

Incorporate with accountant professionals at Cahill CPA for solid incorporation advice and more, by contacting us today.




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