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Cahill CPA in North Vancouver Offers Expert Accountant for Review EngagementChoose Cahill for Your Review Engagement

Your expert accountant at Cahill CPA will schedule a review engagement for your business if needed. There is often confusion about the difference between review engagement and an audit. Although an audit is performed in an attempt to ensure that a business entity's financial statements are free of any material misstatements, a reviewing engagement is performed solely for the purpose of determining whether or not the financial statements examined are believable. 

A review offers assurance that your company's financial statements comply with generally accepted accounting principles. What this means is that your Chartered Professional Accountant is giving the assurance that he or she has not seen any indication that your company's financial data is not being presented in compliance with accounting standards. Review engagements are normally end-of-year services that professional accountants offer to businesses, associations and non-profit clients.

For Expert Review Engagement North Vancouver, Contact Cahill CPAReview Engagement Accountant - North Vancouver

Association by-laws may state which type of evaluation is required. If this is not stipulated in the by-laws, the service that you need will be dependent on the level of assurance you require to determine that these financial statements are complete without any material misstatements. Other factors that may decide which type of service you require may be the bookkeeping services involved with other matters affecting your association. Any association that was incorporated under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (CNCA) must follow the requirements as detailed in the Act.

Specific review engagement procedures that are required to be performed by your certified accountant at Cahill CPA are relative to the following subjects or actions:

  • Inquiries concerning the accounting principles and practices employed by the business;
  • Procedures for recording and compiling financial data;
  • Initiatives taken at meetings of owners or directors;
  • Statements in writing from management relative to the accuracy of data given to your accountant for review engagement;
  • Receipt of all related materials by the CPA from your review engagement accounting firm;
  • Responsibility of managing officials for internal control;
  • Awareness and knowledge of fraud;
  • Information related to any important subsequent events;
  • Analysis of significant comparisons;
  • Examination of recorded monetary amounts by the review engagement CPA;
  • Ratios derived from recorded monetary amounts by your accountant for review engagement; and
  • Plausible interconnections of recorded amounts.

Cahill CPA is a Top-Rated Review Engagement Accounting Firm in North VancouverAssuring Accuracy of Your Financial Statements with a Review Engagement

This thorough analysis performed by our CPA's here in North Vancouver is for the purpose of assuring the believable value and accuracy of your financial statements. The procedures employed will result in an improved understanding of primary relationships of specific numbers included in the statements. Your professional review engagement done by our CPA's will be able to give limited assurance that no material revisions need to be made to these financial statements for them to comply with the accepted financial reporting framework in Canada. This is because a review engagement is much less intense and detailed than an audit.

Contact the accounting firm of Cahill CPA in North Vancouver for more information about review engagements, and for a review and analysis of your company's financial statements, by filling out the form below.




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