Cost of Tax Returns

How Much Does a Tax Return Cost?

You asked, we answered!

Over the next few weeks we will be answering the questions YOU have been asking! Today’s question is the one we have been hearing the most this tax season, and it is “So how much will this cost me?” Surprised?! Probably not! Most people, when deciding to use an accountant for the first time or switching accountants, ask us within the first few minutes: “How much do you charge?” Well…. Here goes….

The answer, is not really that simple. See, we aren’t just a “fill in the blanks, one size fits all” type of accounting. When you come to Cahill CPA, you are truly getting much more than any “set price, do it yourself” type of tax return service. Places like H&R Block or box kits such as Turbo Tax will give you a Basic Price for a standard return. But the tricky thing with that, is that most returns aren’t standard. Usually people have more than just a T4 needed for their return…

So, when you call, email, or come into our office, we will happily give you a quote for YOUR return. It will be based on your needs, your specific slips/forms/expenses, your past returns, rental income, RRSP’s, capital gains, spouse, children, tuition, etc..etc..etc… That’s because each of our clients receive specialized service by a professional accountant that is catered to them.

Here are a few reasons why choosing a certified professional accountant is the right choice:

  1. We are licensed, professional, and always the most experienced and up-to-date on all things tax related.
  2. We will always look for ways to save you money.
  3. CPA’s have the experience to ensure you won’t get audited or face unnecessary penalties.
  4. Consistency- we will do your return, year after year, and this continuity will ensure that you are getting the most out of your return every time.
  5. You become our client in all things tax related. You have a tax or finance question during the year? Ask us! We are here for you, and always happy to help our clients even when “tax time” is long over.
  6. Tax Planning. We’ve now done your return- what comes next? We can help you plan for future returns, and make the most out of year-end tax moves to save you money.
  7. Peace of mind- we are professionals, and we will make sure your taxes are done RIGHT!
  8. No stress- you send us your stuff, and we get it done. No need for you to stress in front of a computer screen, try to google your tax questions, and feel anxious that you might be missing something. We have got you covered.

So although we can’t provide a “magic number” for what every tax return will cost, we hope we did provide some insight into WHY choosing a chartered professional accountant is always the right choice.

And as always, just ask us. We are happy to provide quotes to our clients who are curious to know what a return, year-end, or other tax service is going to cost them. We look at the details, determine how long it will probably take our CPA’s to complete, and we discuss the quote with you.

If you have any other questions you are hoping to have answered, swing by our instagram or facebook and ask away! @Cahill_CPA

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