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Cahill CPA offers full accounting and consulting services

This highly respected firm is licensed for public practice through the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia. Cahill CPA firm provides comprehensive tax and accounting solutions for small and mid-sized businesses that are owner-operated as well as corporations.

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What we offer

  • Business Taxes

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    Cahill CPA offers tax accounting services for businesses of all sizes and industries, covering all aspects of small to medium-sized companies with various business structures. They also provide full tax consultation and preparation services for corporations, optimizing tax efficiency and minimizing taxes.

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  • Personal Taxes

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    Cahill CPA’s experienced CPAs offer personal income tax preparation services for basic or complex returns, including employment expenses, investment income, tax credits, and rental properties. They use electronic e-filing options and can retrieve missing T4 slips with your permission. This ensures proper filing and potentially saves you money on deductions.

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Consult Cahill CPA for Personal and Business Tax Services from Superior Accountants North Shore

Annual and Quarterly Financial Reporting

Cahill CPA provides comprehensive financial statement services for businesses, including compilation and assurance services. Their expertly compiled financial statements can help you understand your company’s performance and identify areas for improvement. They also offer review and auditing services in partnership with other firms if needed.

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