Estate and Trust

We understand that family is important

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Protecting the interest of your family

Plan ahead to protect your assets. There are a lot of decisions to navigate when it comes to estate income taxes, probate fees, and tax compliance. Think of the professionals at Cahill CPA as your guides along the way. We’ve navigated these trails before and we’re happy to show you the way towards the most flexible tax and estate planning options. 

Estate and Trust solutions

  • Final tax return

    Losing a loved one is so difficult - never mind all the paperwork that comes along with it. We can handle the tax filings required when someone passes away, including the final personal income tax return (T1), which is required to be filed by all individuals in Canada.

  • Estate trust return

    If income producing assets are held by an estate after death, an Estate Return Trust (T3) is typically required. Let us help you plan ahead to minimize estate income taxes and efficiently and practically wind-up an estate.

  • Clearance certificate

    The administrator of an estate may be held personally liable for an estate's unpaid taxes, interest and penalties. We can help obtain the clearance certificate from the CRA which will provide the administrator and beneficiaries the peace of mind that the estate is concluded with no unwanted surprises down the road.

  • Trusts

    Not one Trust fits all. There are several different trusts depending on the purpose and timing of their creation. Cahill CPA will work with your lawyer to establish the ideal trust for your unique situation.

  • Estate planning

    We want to help you protect your hard-earned wealth and assets. We can work together to see as much as possible pass to your loved ones and minimize estate income taxes with Cahill CPA's team of estate experts.

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Plan ahead now to save later

As a team of collaborative accountants, Cahill CPA offers a diverse portfolio of knowledge, services, and skills when it comes to planning what happens to your estate. Imagine: a whole team of expert accountants to help you navigate the intricacies of your estate planning. Let us help you take care of your loved ones.

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When someone dies - we’re here to help

In the past few years, we have seen a lot of changes regarding estate laws and taxes. It can be hard to keep up! Our professional team of accountants are up to date on all estate planning laws meaning that we can help you best navigate through your estate tax planning process. We recommend setting up a plan early to avoid potential issues down the line.