Individual tax solutions

Accountants aren’t just for big businesses

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Personal taxes require personal approaches

We actually like math. Let us crunch the numbers and help with your tax returns. No one tax return is the same, so whether it’s basic, or more complicated like investment incomes, special tax credits, rental properties, or employment expenses, we’d love to help. Added bonus? We are an approved CRA online representative – meaning we can get your tax return filed all online!

Individual tax services

  • Advisory and planning

    Tax planning for individuals can be difficult or even daunting. Personal income tax returns can actually be a vehicle to help you save money. Let us work with you to determine the best strategy for your unique situation. Here at Cahill CPA we do tax planning for individuals, families, and self-employed individuals in Canada.

  • Self-employment and business income

    Are you self-employed? Freelancing? If you are supplying a service or selling a product with the expectation of profit, you will have to file a self-employment tax return on top of your personal tax return. Let us guide you through the extra paperwork.

  • Capital gains and investment income

    It's exciting to earn money on your investments. Our knowledge can help minimize any taxes that might come as a result of your financial gains.

  • Rental income and expenses

    Do you own rental property? If you make income from renting out a property, you will have to file a tax statement on top of your personal tax return. Let us help you decide which statement you need to file and which expenses are reasonable deductions.

  • Retirement and pension income splitting

    You may be able to reduce the total amount of taxes you pay on your pension income through income splitting with your spouse. Talk with one of our professionals today to see if this could benefit you and your partner.

  • Non-resident tax matters

    Are you a non-resident of Canada for tax purposes and own a real property in Canada? If you are renting or selling, there are multiple non-resident tax and reporting requirements (NR6, NR4, Section 216 and 115 tax returns, and T2062 Compliance Certificates) and we can help navigate the specialized filings and process with CRA.

  • Canadian tax compliance

    Cahill CPA offers a wide range of individual tax solutions including: personal income tax returns (T1), statement of business or professional activities (T2125), statement of real estate rentals (T776), information returns (T1134, T1135, etc.), underused housing tax returns (UHT), preparation and filing of various tax elections and voluntary disclosures, and assistance with correspondence with CRA on audits, disputes, and objections.

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Convenient online filing of tax returns

Cahill CPA is an approved CRA online representative, which means you can submit all of your forms to our accountants through our online client portal and we do the rest. This service is secure, convenient, and ensures the privacy of your files during transfer and storage. Want to chat it through? We can meet with you remotely (through phone, email or video chat) to discuss all of your tax questions once your return is prepared. It really can’t get more simple!

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