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Full estate planning & tax accountant services

Cahill CPA’s Chartered Professional Accountants offer full estate planning and tax services to the Vancouver area, protecting the interests of your family and minimizing taxes. They provide variable options for tax and estate planning with experienced consultation and advice.

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What we offer

  • Estate Planning

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    Cahill CPA will work closely with your lawyer to ensure that all new rulings are taken into consideration during your estate planning.

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  • Estate Taxes

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    Since 2015, new legislation introduced by CRA has limited the use of graduated tax rates for testamentary trusts to three years, subject to specific criteria. Your estate tax planning accountant can provide more information.

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Top-Rated Estate Tax CPA Services Are Available at Cahill CPA in North Vancouver

Discover Advantages of Trusts from Your Expert Estate Tax Accountant

Your Cahill CPA estate tax accountant and lawyer can assist with finalizing your will, making any necessary updates due to changes in personal circumstances. Having a valid will is crucial to avoid delays in settling your estate, and your estate tax professional can also advise on reducing probate fees.

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