CRA E-Services for Businesses

Find all the e-services available to you and your business here: CRA E-Services 

Below we’ve listed many of the services and programs available to you online, through your CRA My Business Account. For the extensive list, be sure to check their website. If you have any questions about online services for your business, don’t hesitate to ask. 

From CRA: 

Our online services make it faster and easier to handle your company’s tax matters. You, your employee, or your representative can file, pay, and access detailed information about your tax accounts – all online, all at your fingertips. Save time – go online!

What can you do on your CRA My Business Account?


  • Manage addresses
  • Manage owner phone number
  • Manage notification preferences
  • Manage direct deposit
  • Manage authorized representatitves
  • Manage business number(s) in your profile
  • Manage program account name
  • Manage language preference
  • Modify CRA security options
  • Manage operating names
  • Submit documents
  • View mail
  • Message centreAudit enquiries
  • Direct deposit transactions
  • Outstanding returns and balances
  • Filing and balance confirmation
  • Manage pre-authorized debit
  • Open a non-resident text account
  • Provincial Partners – Nova Scotia


  • File a return
  • View expected and filed returns
  • Adjust a return
  • File a rebate
  • View rebate status
  • Adjust a PSB rebate
  • File an election
  • View elections
  • View and pay account balance

Corporation Income Tax

  • Transmit a return
  • View return status
  • View return balances
  • View and pay accont balance
  • View special elections and returns (SER)
  • Register a formal dispute (Notice of Objection)
  • View direct deposit transactions
  • Calculate instalment payments
  • Enquiries service
  • Request to close corporation income tax account
  • Register a formal dispute (Notice of Objection)
  • View direct deposit transactions
  • Calculate instalment payments
  • Enquiries service
  • Close GST/HST account


  • File a return
  • view return details
  • Provide a nil remittance
  • Respond to notices
  • PIER overview
  • Request to close payroll account
  • View and pay account balaance
  • View remitting requirements
  • Register a formal dispute (Appeal)
  • Request a payment search
  • Request a refund
  • Transfer a misallocated payment
  • Download reports
  • Request a CPP/EI ruling
  • Request a CPP/EI refund

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