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October 18, 2019

The Impacts of Negative Thinking


The Impacts of Negative Thinking


CPA BC recently shared an article, written by Terry Small, titled “Is Negative Thinking Bad for Your Brain?” (Full article linked below) The article brought up a few reasons WHY negative thinking is bad for your brain, and a few great tips on what you can do to fix it.

Researchers have discovered a link between persistent negative thinking, to an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease, diminished ability to think, reason & form memories, as well as a greater Dementia risk. Another obvious effect of negative thinking is increased stress & depression; two huge issues facing North American society now more than ever. 

So- what can you do to prevent negative thinking from impacting your brain? How can you attempt to “turn off” negative thoughts? The study points out a few ideas:

  1. When you feel negative thoughts coming on, try to push the pause button. Stop what you’re doing, focus your attention on your thoughts, and find something positive to focus on instead. There’s a whole field of brain research devoted to this- and simply put, it’s a way to retrain your brain & your thinking. 
  2. Try to go a whole week (or even a whole day) without complaining. Watch how this positively impacts your own mood, as well as the moods of those around you. Notice how it changes the topics of conversations with coworkers, friends and family. Enjoy how it brings you more peace, and less stress!
  3. And one of our own tips- start a gratitude journal. This could be a quick jot on a notepad at your desk, using a simple app on your phone, or in a special journal beside your bed each night. Every day, write down three things you are thankful for. They could be as simple as a tasty latte you bought on your way to work, or something bigger, like landing a new job or big promotion. Every day, try to call to mind three positive things that happened and write them down. Look back and read those positive, good things weekly or monthly. You’ll be surprised how much you have to be thankful for, and how great it feels to be reminded of the positive. 

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Think positive, and have a great day!

Blog post: Crystal Cahill 

Original Article: “Is negative thinking bad for your brain?” by Terry Small.

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Crystal Cahill

Crystal Cahill is responsible for the social media and marketing at Cahill CPA. Crystal completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Simon Fraser University in English, and has an Education Degree and teaching certification. She enjoys keeping clients updated on new accounting practices, upcoming tax deadlines, and news & events within the Cahill CPA office & staff. She is married to Cahill CPA partner Jordan Cahill, and together they have two young children.



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