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October 14, 2021

Cahill CPA Administrative Team

Cahill CPA Administrative Team 

Meet our amazing dream team- things WORK at work, because of these three! 

Gracey Moores is our adminstrative assistant, and is always ready to greet our clients with professionalism and a friendly smile. Vaneet Grewal, our executive assistant, has been with us for many years and is such an integral part of our office family. Shannon Hampton is our office manager and is truly the mastermind for making things WORK in our office- with staff & clients! All three of them seemlessly keep everything in our office running smoothly, and we are so thankful to have them. 

If you need any assistance, be sure to get in touch. We know that you will always have the best, most professional experience when working with Gracey, Vaneet, and Shannon. 

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Crystal Cahill

Crystal Cahill is responsible for the social media and marketing at Cahill CPA. Crystal completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Simon Fraser University in English, and has an Education Degree and teaching certification. She enjoys keeping clients updated on new accounting practices, upcoming tax deadlines, and news & events within the Cahill CPA office & staff. She is married to Cahill CPA partner Jordan Cahill, and together they have two young children.



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