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September 20, 2022

Cahill Team Strategy Session with Colin Cox


Effective Productivity In Today’s Rapidly Changing World with Colin Cox

Our team participated in a great strategy session with Colin Cox, titled Effective Productivity In Today’s Rapidly Changing World. We all came away with so many great strategies for both our work & our personal lives. 

Colin focused on all the many ways we can be more productive in our work day, and we all appreciated that his tips were simple, practical, and easy to implement immediately. 

One of the first topics we learned about was hosting effective meetings! The need for having an agenda, being clear on outcomes, and staying on point is so applicable to a busy office like ours. Colin also shared practical tips about “taming our emails” and finding ways to boost our daily productivity by managing our health, creating achievable to-do lists, and reviewing our priorities. 

Finally, one of the biggest takeaways was how to lead & host effective virtual meetings. Even though we are now over two years into leading our meetings virtually, it was very helpful to learn about the best way to prepare, start, lead, and finish online meetings with our team & clients. 

We highly recommend Colin if you are looking to have a leadership workshop with your team, or if you are personally interested in individual business coaching. He is an engaging & dynamic speaker, professional, and an all-around great guy from North Vancouver. 


More about Colin: 

Trusted CEO Advisor. Ex-COO. MBA. Certified Executive & Business Coach. Highly-Rated Speaker. Award-Winning Customer Service Expert. Productivity Nerd. 

Colin is passionate about helping people and organizations grow. He helps leaders level up their performance through leadership workshops and individual coaching accelerators. Productivity is one of Colin's key focus areas. He has been coaching the executive suite and leaders across all levels of management on productivity for over 10 years, including one-to-one coaching, group workshops and speaking engagements. Colin has coached/trained over 1,000 people during this time.

 Colin has over 26 years of experience in corporations, including seven years in the executive suite as Chief Operating Officer for Demonware, the online studio for Activision. Colin has worked in Canada, the UK, and Ireland, and holds an MBA from the Open University in the UK. He lives in North Vancouver with his wife and three rambunctious boys. 


Contact Colin | | +1 604 790 3572 |



Crystal Cahill

Crystal Cahill is responsible for the social media and marketing at Cahill CPA. Crystal completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Simon Fraser University in English, and has an Education Degree and teaching certification. She enjoys keeping clients updated on new accounting practices, upcoming tax deadlines, and news & events within the Cahill CPA office & staff. She is married to Cahill CPA partner Jordan Cahill, and together they have two young children.



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