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January 13, 2017

Small Business Resource: Effective IT Risk Management

To our small business clients: do you understand the IT risks that face Canadian small businesses? CPA Canada provides a great resource- free of charge- for small businesses who may need help preventing and preparing against technology-related risks. It gives some great practical strategies to improve your IT security and safeguard important online data. This is an excellent reminder to small business owners of the issues & risks that can arise related to technology, and provides recommendations for prevention and trouble-shooting.


You can download the PDF from the CPA website here.


Some of the great tips in this resource include:

  1. Having a business continuity plan

  2. Needing effective management of IT vendors

  3. Actively managing the security of data

  4. Updating anti-virus & anti-malware

  5. Controlling Access

  6. Considering & Preventing cyber threats

  7. Creating IT Risk Mitigation strategies


Source: CPA Canada Wesbite





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