Quickbooks Discount through Cahill CPA

Do you have a new business? A growing business? A small business that needs some help organizing all things financial?!

If so, Cahill CPA is offering all our clients an opportunity to make use of Quickbooks Accounting Software at a discounted rate.

Many of our corporate clients use Quickbooks software to organize the day-to-day running of their small business. Cahill CPA has a unique opportunity to offer our clients a promotion for Quickbooks, which gies you a 50% discount on your first 6 months of use. Through cloud computing, and the use of Quickbooks, our team is able to access all the data you input- therefore helping you to maximize any tax deductions, help manage income & expenses, and answer questions about sales tax, your inventory, and more.

At a glance, Quickbooks can help you and your business:

  • Track income & expenses
  • Create invoices & send receipts
  • Send estimates
  • Manage bills & payments
  • Track time & inventory
  • Assist with payroll
  • Create detailed reports & balance sheets

Ask one of our staff how to get started on Quickbooks next time you call or come in to our North Vancouver office- we will be happy to answer any questions you might have and get you set up.

Feb 18: Earliset date to file

 *this will apply to you if you:

  1. Have already received all your documents (ex. T4 from your employer) and want to check “file my taxes” off your to-do list asap!
  2. Have received all your documents AND are receiving a refund- get your refund early so you can SPEND it (I mean, pay off some student loans?).
  3. If your are anticipating a large tax bill you will need to pay, it will give you more time to set money aside to do so.

March 1: Cutoff for adding funds to your RRSP for your 2018 tax return.

You can contribute to your RRSP anytime, but if you want it to count for your 2018 tax return, the contribution must be made by March 1st. Let us know if you need more information, and whether contributing more might be beneficial to you.

April 30: Last day to file your tax return

This is the VERY last day to file your return without penalty. We highly suggest starting the process earlier, as we cannot guarantee we can file your return on time if you bring a box of receipts and slips to us at 4:30pm on April 30th (and trust us, this has happened!)

June 17: Self-Employment- Last day to file

If you are self-employed, the deadline to file is June 17. However, if you owe taxes, the deadline to file is still April 30th.

*As always, let us know if you have any questions about your return or these deadlines specifically.

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