You might be missing money from CRA!

CRA- Uncashed Cheques

This is BIG news all over social media the last few days- Canadians with uncashed cheques from CRA, some from as far back as 2001. Even if you have had direct deposit, many Canadians are finding that they have uncashed cheques waiting in their “My Account” for anywhere from $4 to upwards of $700 we’ve seen some people report! Cheques could be “uncashed” for a variety of reasons- including change of address, lost mail, stolen mail, etc. We highly recommend you “check” this out- as you may just have some unknown money waiting there for you. 

When you login to your My Account, there should be a list to the right under “related services”. Near the bottom of this list, is a link titled “uncashed cheques”. Clicking this will allow you to see if you have any uncashed cheques in your account, and will prompt you to fill out, download & print a form.

CRA was SO popular with Canadians checking their accounts yesterday, that some people reported the site crashing or being unusually slow! 

Hope this proves helpful, and who knows.. maybe you’ll be treating someone to dinner this weekend or buying a little something special with that “free” money you found! 

It’s as easy as checking your CRA- My Account. Link here

To learn more about these uncashed cheques from the CRA website, Link here

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your CRA My Account.      www.CahillCPA.ca       Crystal@CahillCPA.ca    

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