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A Proposed Idea to Save Small Businesses in Vancouver

July 19, 2019 Written by Jordan Cahill
Saving Small Businesses in Vancouver So, it’s all speculation and “talks” at this point, but did you hear that the City of Vancouver is seeking provincial approval to change the way some small businesses are taxed? This comes as a new initiative to try and address the tax increases that have negatively impacted local small businesses.  According to a recent article in the Globe & Mail, “The plan essentially clears municipalities to reduce the massive property taxes that small businesses, as well as those engaged in the arts, culture and non-profit sectors, can face on potential development.” When giving an…

Update: BC Speculation & Vacancy Tax

July 19, 2019 Written by Jordan Cahill
  Update: BC Speculation & Vacancy Tax Did you ever wonder what came out of that BC Speculation & Vacancy Tax? All the information homeowners had to go online and fill out before the March 31st deadline? Well, the latest reports have come out. More than 12,000 homeowners were required to pay the tax, which was due on July 2nd. The BC Government announced that this tax will deliver more than $100 million dollars "towards British Columbia's housing crisis." According to the BC Government, those paying the tax are made up of: -foreign owners, approximately 38% -satellite families, 27% -Canadians…

We are now officially

July 8, 2019 Written by Jordan Cahill To all our clients, we would like to inform you that we are changing our website domain from to This official change will take place on July 11th, 2019. For all future visits to our website, please use the new domain It is available to visit now, and will be used exclusively after July 11th.  For more news/updates such as this, as well as tax & financial information, company & staff news, local events, and more- please connect with us on social media! We love connecting with our clients and their businesses through social media, so please…

Recruitment Agencies & Why to Use One

June 3, 2019 Written by Jordan Cahill
Recruitment Agencies, and Why to Use One! Have you ever used a recruitment agency to either find yourself a job, or find an employee for your company? If so, you’ll probably know about the invaluable resources, expertise, and experience they have to offer when searching for the perfect fit for you or your company. We have had the pleasure of working with Express Employment Professionals for a number of years, and are always impressed with their results! As University students, my wife and I both found great jobs through Express, gaining experience in a variety of fields and positions (and,…

Money Laundering: Experience of a Mortgage Broker

May 21, 2019 Written by Jordan Cahill
  Our friend and mortgage broker Steve Ennis sent out his newsletter this week, filled with some great information regarding the latest politics surrounding money laundering in BC. You’ve probably heard that last week, BC Premier John Horgan finally announced a public inquiry into money laundering in Vancouver. It’s a hot topic in the news, and Steve gives a great breakdown on how this specifically impacts bankers and mortgage brokers. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about this specific side of money laundering, and how the province is working to prevent it, read some of the below quotes…

Where's my Refund?

April 3, 2019 Written by Jordan Cahill
  When will I receive my refund? Another great “frequently asked question” from our clients the past few weeks! If you are expecting a refund from your return, here’s some details about when and how you will receive your refund. According to the Canada Revenue website, individuals should expect to receive their refund (or notice of assessment) within two weeks of receiving your return. Because we file your return online through CRA, this process is faster than the 8 weeks that it takes when you file a paper return. Tip: When you sign up for direct deposit with CRA, you…

CRA Online Login

March 21, 2019 Written by Jordan Cahill
  CRA Online Login You asked, we answered! We’ve had a lot of clients recently call about notice of assessments and their RRSP deduction limit, who didn’t realize they can access these online anytime! They were surprised to know that this information is available to them anytime, along with other important tax info related to your return, refund, and more. Of course we are more than happy to help with these questions- but also wanted to give you information on how you can access this online, any day at any time! CRA has an online Login portal that you can…

Change your Address with CRA

March 21, 2019 Written by Jordan Cahill
Address Change with CRA It is your responsibility to let CRA know of any address changes as soon as possible. If you have recently moved, make sure to change your address with CRA. This will ensure you are receiving any important mail from them regarding your return, refunds, notice of assessments, etc. Of course make sure to let us here at Cahill CPA know of any address changes (as well as other important changes to your information that may impact your return, including: name change, change in marital status, new dependents, etc). To change your address with CRA: Online: This…



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