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Jordan Cahill's Interview with "Lonsdale Avenue" We were recently featured in a local online source for businesses and events on Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver. Our partner Jordan Cahill was interviewed about how Cahill CPA got started, what brought us to the North Shore, what we do here, and more. We've included a portion of the interview below, and if you would like to read the full article, you can find it here.  Jordan was asked How did you get started with Cahill CPA and why did you choose North Vancouver?  Cahill CPA’s foundation is our family. My father Wayne…
Got enough things on your list of reminders? Don't make your taxes one of those stressful "to do" list items- we've got you covered! Sign up for our annual "Personal Tax Reminder" email- ONE email, with all the important dates, information, helpful checklists, and more. Just ONE helpful email, and you won't forget anything at tax time again. We send this out in the Spring, as the April tax deadline approaches. Click on the "About tab" on our website, and go to "Personal Tax Time Reminder".  Enter your name & e-mail address, click subscribe and check it off your to-do list!…
  Planning Your Finances For The Future An important conversation to have before it's too late: what happens if the partner who handles the bulk of the financial responsibility passes away before the other? It’s a topic that most people don’t want to talk or think about; however, it’s one of the most important financial discussions you should have with your spouse. A colleague on LinkedIn (thanks Brandon Chapman!) recently shared an article titled: “How to avoid financial deadlock- or worse- after one spouse dies” (written by Cheryl Winokur Munk, link below).  We wanted to share a few of her…
  The Impacts of Negative Thinking   CPA BC recently shared an article, written by Terry Small, titled “Is Negative Thinking Bad for Your Brain?” (Full article linked below) The article brought up a few reasons WHY negative thinking is bad for your brain, and a few great tips on what you can do to fix it. Researchers have discovered a link between persistent negative thinking, to an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease, diminished ability to think, reason & form memories, as well as a greater Dementia risk. Another obvious effect of negative thinking is increased stress & depression; two…

CPA BC Fall Summit

September 27, 2019
CPA BC Fall Summit- Professional Development Cahill CPA values continued education and professional development, and that's why we are always looking for ways to stay current in the latest accounting, business, and finance information. This week we attended the CPA BC Fall summit in Whistler, British Columbia. Along with networking with leading professionals in a variety of fields, myself (Jordan), Matthew, and Tony attended a variety of informative sessions. It was interesting to learn about some of the current issues in income tax, along with the harsh reality of money laundering and fraud in Canada & the impact it has…
  Teaching Your Kids About Money It’s back to school, and that got us thinking about… well, school! Ever heard someone say, “Why didn’t they teach us that in school!?” I find this often revolves around money- when we start getting adult responsibilities and we realize we don’t quite know all there is to know about finances! So, how can you help your own children learn about money in a practical and age-appropriate way? We certainly aren’t going to answer this question in ONE blog post, but I hope to share a few tips that might be useful, along with…
  BC Businesses: 5 Billion Dollars in EXTRA tax since 2013 Small businesses are feeling it. That's the consensus after a recent report looked into how the tax changes have impacted businesses in BC over the last six years. The Business Council of BC (the BCBC), who did the report, estimated that BC Businesses are paying almost 5 Billion dollars in additional taxes than they were in 2013.  The largest tax increase to businesses- the failed shift to the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)- which they estimate accounts for about 3 Billion dollars in additional sales tax. The second largest- the…
  Update: BC Speculation & Vacancy Tax Did you ever wonder what came out of that BC Speculation & Vacancy Tax? All the information homeowners had to go online and fill out before the March 31st deadline? Well, the latest reports have come out. More than 12,000 homeowners were required to pay the tax, which was due on July 2nd. The BC Government announced that this tax will deliver more than $100 million dollars "towards British Columbia's housing crisis." According to the BC Government, those paying the tax are made up of: -foreign owners, approximately 38% -satellite families, 27% -Canadians…



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