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  Rental Property Income- CRA topics We get asked a lot of questions about rental properties from current and new clients. With the media & news outlets reporting on rental properties and short-term rentals, it’s definitely a hot-topic among many of our clients. At Cahill CPA we have been staying on top of the latest CRA rental property tax information and regulations. Below we have created a short summary of some of the important information to help you understand more about rental properties in British Columbia, as well as provided some links for more detailed information. This can be a…
If you haven’t already read or heard about in the news this week, on July 11th, the Bank of Canada raised interest rates to 1.5%. The BOC cited trade tensions among other reasons as the major factors for the change. However, regardless of “why” this rate has increased, it’s now more of a matter of “how” this might affect our clients and their finances. Many of Canada’s biggest banks, including TD and BMO, have already changed their prime rates in response (which is typical in these situations). Reading some of the major financial analyst reports, here’s a short breakdown of…
A recent article in Global News cited three common tax mistakes that you’re most likely to make according to Canada Revenue Agency. See the full article here, or read below for our helpful summary: “Other” Deductions Section of your Return Many of our clients have questions regarding this section, as it seems a bit of a “free for all” of items that you could potentially deduct. However, this section is very specific and also quite limited. This area on your tax return- Line 232- “Other” Eligible deductions, are listed here on the CRA website. Some of these include: Income amounts…
  Tax time is just around the corner, and Cahill CPA has compiled some information regarding important dates and preparing your tax return.   How to get your documents to us: Cahill Chartered Professional Accountants is located in North Vancouver, and you are welcome to drop off your documents at our central Lonsdale location. Suite 103 - 145 West 15th Street, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1R9 Phone: 604-985-0123 Fax: 604-985-0127   We also have a secure and convenient online service to scan and download your documents. Please contact our administrator Vaneet at to obtain a secure upload link.  …

Choosing an Accountant

September 19, 2017
Choosing an Accountant that’s Right for You   Schedule a Meeting If you do anything before choosing an accountant, meet with them first. Phone the office, and set up a meeting to get to know your potential accountant and ask any questions you might have. Make sure you feel comfortable with them, and that you see yourself being able to trust and work with them.   Office Location If you are planning to come in to the office to meet with your accountant often, then a location that is close to your home or work might be important to you.…
Bill Morneau’s July 18, 2017 Announcement on Tax Planning for Private Corporations.  On July 18, 2017 the Federal liberals through the department of finance announced some major tax changes that could potentially affect millions of small business owners across Canada. Draft legislation was proposed including the following: An additional tax on dividends to certain shareholders to discourage income splitting, The elimination of the ability to multiply the capital gains exemption on the sale of shares of small business corporations A set of extremely complex rules to eliminate the benefit of using after-corporate tax dollars to invest. Elimination of the ability to convert dividends…
  Our firm was recently added to the Canada CPA Firm Directory. You can access the information here: CPA Firm Listing- Cahill Professional Accountants   With this listing you can find more information about some of the Vancouver industry sectors we handle, the services we offer, and the variety of languages spoken by our staff. Along with these services, below are some questions we have been asked lately about what we do here at Cahill Pro!   Frequently asked questions: Q:I have a new, small business. Do you assist very small businesses just starting out? A: Yes! We can provide…
To our small business clients: do you understand the IT risks that face Canadian small businesses? CPA Canada provides a great resource- free of charge- for small businesses who may need help preventing and preparing against technology-related risks. It gives some great practical strategies to improve your IT security and safeguard important online data. This is an excellent reminder to small business owners of the issues & risks that can arise related to technology, and provides recommendations for prevention and trouble-shooting.   You can download the PDF from the CPA website here.   Some of the great tips in this…



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